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Collect Them All

Cyrus Highsmith • publication

Since Inside Paragraphs was published in 2012, it’s been translated into multiple languages. Here’s the complete list of all the different editions so far.

The first edition of my book was made possible thanks to support from David and Sam Berlow.

The first edition of my book, Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals, was published by Font Bureau in 2012. Eight years later, Princeton Architectural Press came out with the second edition. In the years between these two English editions, it was translated into Japanese, French, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, and Persian. The Thai edition from Cadson Demak in Bangkok should be out later this year.

All these translated editions are a testament to the Latin alphabet’s global reach. It’s also thanks to the place where much of the content was developed—Rhode Island School of Design.

I see my classroom at RISD as a laboratory for explaining and refining my ideas about typography. The students (and faculty) come from all over the world. They bring with them their experiences in multiple languages and writing systems. I’m grateful for how this diversity shaped this book and continues to shape my professional practice.

Below is a list of all the editions of Inside Paragraphs from its different publishers across the globe.

The second edition from Princeton Architectural Press came out in 2020. Thanks to Alicia Cheng for connecting me with them.
The Japanese edition from Graphic Sha was the first translation. Thanks to Akira Kobayashi and Morisawa for getting it started.
The French edition is from Ypsilon Éditeur. Thanks to Sébastien Morlighem for getting this started.
Thanks to Miguel Antón and Joancarles Casasín for letting me ‘help’ with the translation for Spanish edition from Camp Gràfic. Joancarles also helped me make a typeface based on the original handwritten captions.
The Polish edition is from 2+3D. Jacek Mrowczyk took amazing care with the translation and production of this edition. It also marks the first appearance of The Masked Typographer.
Faces Publishing in Taiwan published the complex Chinese edition.
The Brazilian Portuguese edition is from Estereográfica. Estereográfica’s small catalog also includes books froms Gerard Unger and Fred Smeijers. I’m proud to be in their company.
The Persian edition from Meshki Publications includes additional illustrations using the Persian alphabet. It’s beautiful.